Number of Players
Minimum number of players on field per team is 4
Maximum number of players on field per team is 6

Ball size is #3

Duration of the Game
25 minutes of skill development
5 minute half-time Break
2 x 15 minute halves for a game

Referee – Parent, Coach, Assistant Coach

Players Equipment – Soccer shoes are strongly recommended

Shin pads are Mandatory

Start of Play – Centre of Field, Players kick ball forward “Ball is Live”

Substitutions can be on the fly, at stoppages or at the quarter breaks in the game
Every player must get equal playing time

Off-Side – There is no off-side

Fouls & Misconducts – No penalties, no free kick, no red or yellow cards
All infringements must be regarded as non-intentional
Players intentionally fouling other players should be substituted off immediately No player shall touch the ball with their hands

Kick-In – Only kick-in (no throw-in’s)
A goal cannot be scored directly from a kick-in

Goal Kick – Goal kicks to be taken from anywhere in 6 yard area All opposing players must be outside the 6 yard area

Corner Kick – To be taken at the corner beside the side line and goal line Re-Starts – When play is re-started players must be 2 yards from the ball