NOTE: F.I.F.A. rules shall apply except as directed.


  1. There will be 2 x 20 minute halves, with a 5-minute break in between.
  2. The game ball will be size 4
  3. Teams will play 5 aside (including the goalkeeper)
  4. One coach per team is allowed on the field during the first 3 games only.
    Coaches must stay out of the play of the game. The referee can remove a coach from the field if they are interfering with the game.
  5. Coaches will ENSURE that all players have the opportunity to participate and develop equally in all positions, including a minimum of 2 different goalies per game. NO goalie shall play more than 20 minutes per game.
  6. Any games that are canceled will be played at the same time and place on the following practice date. Games will take precedence over practices. The convener will be responsible for the decision of game cancellations. The convener will notify the coaches of any cancellations. If the convener is NOT present at the field during a game and lightning is seen, the referee is to call the game and report the score and time of game to the convener and the convener will decide if the game will be replayed.


  1. Substitutions can be made at a kick off, throw in or goal kick with referee’s permission.
  2. A goal cannot be scored directly from a kick-in.
  3. NO Off Sides.
  4. All free kicks will be indirect including penalty kicks.
  5. No Throw Ins – if the ball goes out of bounds a player will kick it in. Opposing players are to be 2 metres away.
  6. A foul committed by a defending player inside the box will result in an indirect kick.
  7. Although players frequently come in contact with each other, pushing or tripping, are NOT permitted. In addition, un-sportsman like behaviour such as yelling and kicking will result in an indirect kick being awarded to the opposing team.
  8. The referee will exercise discretion when calling a handball infraction especially when it is committed in a protective manner.
  9. The referee will refrain from penalizing in cases where the offending team may gain advantage.
  10. The entire ball must cross the line, before it is out of play or a goal is scored.
  11. NO person shall stand behind the goal line (end of the field).

If the referee fails to show up for the game the coaches are to agree on who is ref the game. They could ask a parent or one of the coaches, possibly each ref one half of the game. Please inform the referee scheduler of ANY referee that is absent.