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SYS Travel Team Rules 

Travel Players Refund Policy:

Refund requests received by March 31st will receive a 50% refund

No refunds issued on or after April 1st.


SYS will be hosting the following Coaching courses for 2018

Learn To Train February 10th -11th 

Soccer For Life February 24th – 25th 


2018 SYS Travel Teams

U9/U10 Girls – team #1
Head Coach Dean Rintoul

Ass.Coach Darryl Thompson

Ass. Coach Declan Rintoul


U9/U10 Girls – team #2

Head Coach Joe Meyer

Asst. Coach Natalie Miller

Asst. Coach Glen Cressman


U11/12 Girls
Head Coach Matt Smith
Ass.Coach Heather Rees


U13 Girls
Head Coach Julie Leitch
Ass. Coach Claire Jackson
Ass. Coach Kelsea Schaefer


U14 Girls
Head Coach Shawn Malvern
Ass.Coach John Bell

Ass. Coach Coby Johnston


U15 Girls
Head Coach Dave Cassone
Ass.Coach Tanyle Goforth


U16 Girls

Head Coach Todd Steel

Ass. Coach Mike Vancea 

Ass. Coach Matt Johnson


U18 Girls
Head Coach Chris Sauve

Ass. Coach Don Herlick


U9 Boys
Head Coach Steve Ollson 
Ass.Coach Matt Johnson


U10 Boys – Team #1
Head Coach Declan Kelly


U10 Boys – Team #2

Head Coach Paul Dias


U11 Boys – Red

Head Coach Jamie Eddleson

Ass. Coach Steve Ollson 

Ass. Coach Colin Murphy

Ass. Coach Aaron Chadwick 


U11 Boys – White

Head Coach Richard Farmer

Ass. Coach John Corsaut


U12 Boys
Head Coach Kenny Murphy


U13 Boys
Head Coach Tony Benton

Ass. Coach Jeff Iacobellis
Ass.Coach John Corsaut


U14 Boys
Head Coach Robert Fitzgerald


U15 Boys
Head Coach Kyle Woods


U16/17/18 Boys
Head Coach Aaron Langille