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Travel Players Refund Policy:

Refund requests received by March 31st will receive a 50% refund

No refunds issued on or after April 1st

2020 SYS Travel Teams

U9 Girls

Head Coach Samantha McRae

Asst Coach John Shantz

Asst Coach/Manager Catherine Walsh

U10 Girls

Head Coach Keith Donnelly 

Asst. Coach Lisa Barton

U11 Girls 

Head Coach Joe Meyer

Asst. Coach Marcel Misuraca

Asst Coach Mike Janmaat

Manager Nikki Meyer

U12 Girls 
Head Coach Dean Rintoul

Ass.Coach Darryl Thompson

Ass. Coach Declan Rintoul

Manager Melissa Rintoul 

U13 Girls

Head Coach Janis Antonio

Asst. Coach Matt Smith

Asst. Coach Dave Cassone

Asst. Coach Dave Sheldon

Manager Chris Powell

U14/15 Girls
Head Coach Melissa Hinds

Asst. Coach Ryan Flanagan 

U15 Girls

Head Coach Rene Daigle 

Manger Angie Ballantyne

U17/18 Girls

Head Coach Mike Vancea

Asst. Coach Todd Steel

Asst. Coach Edwin Mena

Manager Barb Thibeault

U9 Boys 

Head Coach Celeste Mitchell

Asst. Coach Kenny Murphy 

U10 Boys

Head Coach Carla Cassone

Asst. Coach Mike DeGraaf

U11 Boys 

Head Coach Steve Ollson 

Asst. Coach Matt Johnson

Asst. Coach Bruce Pepper

Manager Ashley Blackburn

U12 Boys 

Head Coach Declan Kelly

Asst Coach Tony Benton

Asst Coach Jeff Iacobellis

U13 Boys 

Head Coach Colin Murphy

Asst. Coach Jamie Eddleston

Asst. Coach Steve Olson

U14 Boys

Head Coach Ryan Harrison

Asst. Coach Kenny Murphy

U15 Boys

Head Coach John Corsaut

Asst. Coach Jeff Iacobellis 

Asst. Coach Bob Vrbanac

Manager John Selbie

U16 Boys
Head Coach Robert Fitzgerald

Asst. Coach Jeron Barel 

Manager Carrie Muir

U17/18 Boys
Head Coach TBD

Asst. Coach TBD