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Academy Training

Stratford City Soccer Training Academy

Eddie McKenna

TRAINER: Eddie McKenna With his extensive experience in Academy training, Eddie presents Stratford City Soccer Training Academy and is dedicated in providing energetic and informative training sessions for competitive youth.

Eddie McKenna

Stratford City Soccer Academy Training Program Leader

Further develop your skills, strength, and knowledge on the pitch with Stratford’s official Soccer Training Academy.

Competitive Youth Ages U12 – U18


Year-round training grouped into monthly increments, with one 90-minute session per week. Sessions run all day on Sundays. Your session time will be confirmed with registration.

Sessions include:

• Proper warm-ups and stretching.

• Techniques in dribbling, passing, and shooting.

• Techniques in first touch and turning with the ball.

• Positional awareness.

• Defending and proper tackling.

• Attacking and proper movement.

• Conditioning and strengthening.

• Proper cool downs.


Additional on field and take-home programs provided by Hydra CrossFit fitness professionals.


Program fee is $125 per month. To register, select the registration link below.