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Academy Training

Stratford City Soccer Training Academy

Eddie McKenna

TRAINER: Eddie McKenna With his extensive experience in Academy training, Eddie presents Stratford City Soccer Training Academy and is dedicated in providing energetic and informative training sessions for competitive youth.

Eddie McKenna

Stratford City Soccer Academy Training Program Leader


SCS Training Academy is here to provide positive reinforcement and encouragement with new skill development, improving confidence on and off the soccer field.

SCS Head Trainer, Eddie McKenna has extensive youth Academy training and experience in top Ontario level competition. 

During the first session (capped at 6 participants per session), Eddie will assess all participants and place them into the following groups:

  • Fundamentals: Tuesday & Thursday evenings - 6.30-7.30pm
  • Advanced Development: Tuesday & Thursday evenings - 7.30-8.30pm
  • Elite Training Session: Tuesday & Thursday evenings -  8:30-9:30pm (14+ ) 


  • 1 session - $40
  • 5 sessions - $190
  • 10 sessions - $350

Sessions will take place at Festival Hydro Community Park (Vancea or Cowan).

During Winter season, sessions will take place at the Agriplex and Eddie will confirm details of the sessions directly with the participants.